Third Place: Complicating Evidence

Despite signs that point to Starbucks being a third place, there are many points that may lead us to believe differently. When the starbucks in question is described in such a positive and third place- like way then juxtaposed with the changes that made the shop different as time went on, the question of whether Starbucks is third place or if some Starbucks can be first place is asked. This idea would imply that It is the people and the atmosphere that dictates whether a location is third place. In this respect, Starbucks can only do so much to reach third place. Most of the factors that discern third place can not be manufactured and must come through time and community. Therefore, the original description of this starbucks does seem to fit the profile of third place, however, this doesn’t necessarily mean it will always be. As seen in the later description, the aspect of third place is fleeting.

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